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Rantings of a Rainbow

Teh Rainbow Koala

The Rainbow Koala
If you are interested in my newly decided comic-blog and other nonsense and pictures, you want to check out rainbow_sniper

But on a postitive note. I love fanfiction, i love slash, i love boy touching and kissing, i like fem slash to a degree. i ♥ foreign music! If you get to know me i'm one of the most cheerful 'goths' you'll ever meet. I am a proud cyber goth even if no one else agrees with me on that. its my own label i guess. I have no eyebrows and somedays i just go without ;) i love fetishes and pin up art, i love drawing in my sketchbook and i love anime and fanart, i'm also starting to love drawing on illustrator and coloring in photoshop for it pleases my design wants. I love techno and industrial as well as rock and metal and hell a little pop even. ^^ I'm also starting to become quite the game fanatic. I love video games but i'm now starting to get why their so much fun. i love watching others play them and if i ever get enough money to get better systems and games im going to play those bastards. I love doing makeup and special FX makeup it is so much fun. I would also like to dye my hair either in reds oranges and yellows or blues whites and purples and get dreads. *nod* that would be awsome.

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